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Shifu Tacto: Doctor - Turn your child's tablet into an interactive clinic

Indulge your child's curiosity and immersive learning experience with the PlayShifu Shifu Tacto: Doctor. This game set transforms your kid’s tablet into an interactive doctor's clinic simulator. Enhancing pretend play with story-based games and actual STEAM learning outcomes invites your child to discover the exciting world of healthcare.

  • Interactive doctor kit for kids
  • Real STEM learning tool
  • Enhances pretend play
  • Stimulates cognitive development
  • Fosters social-emotional intelligence

Interactive doctor kit for kids
Shifu Tacto Doctor is not just another toy. It is an interactive doctor's kit designed to keep your child engaged with story-driven games. This set introduces your child to the fascinating world of healthcare and medical science in an immersive and interactive way.

Real STEM learning tool
While it’s playtime for kids, it’s learning time too! Steeped in STEAM principles, this game set helps children learn about scientific concepts through hands-on pretend play. It aids in understanding basic medical procedures, health, and first-aid, transforming play hours into productive learning sessions.

Enhances pretend play
Designed to boost imagination, this play set takes pretend playing to a new level. Whether checking the temperature or using the X-ray, each game enhances your child’s problem-solving skills and knowledge. And the best part? Each play session brings a new story, keeping the child interested and engaged.

Stimulates cognitive development
For ages 4-8, 3 interactive games with over 100 levels stimulate cognitive development. Developed by parents for parents, we aim to make screen time meaningful, fostering independent learning and problem-solving skills in children.

Fosters social-emotional intelligence
Playing a doctor's role helps your child to empathise, understand, and respond to emotions—a critical aspect of social and emotional intelligence. By equipping them with basic knowledge about medical procedures, we aim to convert their stressful doctor visits into friendly, informed ones.

Supported Nordic Languages: Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

Package includes
The Tacto Doctor set contains four frames and 12 unique figurines including a stethoscope, thermometer, medicine bottle, X-ray, bandage, flashlight, magnifier, scissors, spray, syringe, BP pump, and ultrasound.

Product specifications

  • Compatible with iPads 5 and above (iPad 2 & iPad Mini 1 not supported)
  • Also compatible with Android tablets: 7-inches and above, minimum 2GB RAM (Samsung Tab A and S7+ not supported)
  • Can be used with Amazon Fire 10 - 2021 release (Fire 7 not supported)

About PlayShifu

PlayShifu is a company that creates educational STEM toys and games for kids that aim to make screen time more meaningful. It was founded in 2016 by two friends and fathers who wanted to build toys to facilitate empathetic learning for young children. Their products include Orboot, an augmented reality globe; Plugo, a screen-free coding game; and Tacto, an interactive chessboard. PlayShifu has won numerous awards for its innovative educational toys. The company strives to inspire children's curiosity and create engaging play experiences that develop core STEM and life skills. With its unique physical and digital approach, PlayShifu bridges the gap between digital play and hands-on learning. The products aim to get kids learning actively and screen-free whenever possible. PlayShifu's goal is to help nurture problem-solving, critical thinking, and other vital skills in children through purposeful play.