Attract children's curiosity with interactive STEM games

Jun 06, 2024

In today's society, digital technology is everywhere. It is necessary to get children to discover STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in a fun way. PlayShifu Shifu Tacto: Doctor turns tablets into a play platform. It allows children aged 4-8 to play with a simulated medical clinic and develop their brains.

Shifu Tacto: Doctor lets children enter an exciting hospital world. Through games and stories, they get to experience what it's like in a real clinic. With 3 games and more than 100 levels, it gives children the opportunity to learn medical terms and how to help others.

Details in the physical part of the game make the experience even more real. A deluxe version includes things like stethoscopes and X-rays. The game works on many different platforms and is perfect for children's learning.

Key Points

  • PlayShifu Shifu Tacto: Doctor turns tablets into a doctor's clinic in the game world.
  • The game is aimed at children between 4 and 8 years old and helps with cognitive development.
  • The children learn important medical terms and skills by playing doctor.
  • There are 3 different games, more than 100 levels, as well as physical accessories such as frames and figures.
  • The product works with several types of tablets, making it easy to use.
How Shifu Tacto: Doctor from PlayShifu revolutionizes learning
PlayShifu's Shifu Tacto: Doctor is an interactive medical kit that engages children aged 4-10. The game uses play and real-world STEM principles to make learning fun. There are 5 different stories and more than 100 levels. This helps children develop their problem-solving skills.

The Plugo games have over 250 challenges to keep children interested. Tacto: Doctor is available in Swedish, which is suitable for Swedish children. In a world where digital platforms are becoming more important, this game offers a great alternative. It provides children with a fun and interactive learning experience.

Shifu Tacto: Doctor works with many different devices, such as iPads, iPhones and Android devices. It also works with Amazon Fire tablets. This means that many families can enjoy the game. Especially considering that such devices are increasingly used in schools.

This game combines entertainment with learning and promotes cognitive development. It uses STEM principles to set a new standard for educational toys. Shifu Tacto: Doctor changes the way children learn and prepares them for a digital future.

The benefits of interactive STEM games for child development
PlayShifu has created Tacto: Doctor to increase children's knowledge and empathy. In this game, children get to play doctor and recognize and react to emotions. It helps them understand others and become better at talking to people every day.

Games and toys can make learning about others and oneself fun. Tacto: Doctor gives a chance to practice this. It's like a good school for learning how to behave nicely towards others.

Showing what is good behavior is important in this game. Mom and Dad can show the kids how to do it themselves and cheer them on when they are nice to others. This makes children want to be kind and helpful on their own. And it's fun too.

You need to be a bit patient when practicing social skills with children. Especially if it takes them a little longer to understand what is right. Training and practicing being kind is a work in progress. But with the right toys, like Tacto: Doctor, it can be both fun and easy.

This toy is special because it helps children improve their ability to understand the feelings of others. It also helps children learn to be social. These skills are important to be happy in life.

Tacto: Doctor from PlayShifu is more than just a toy. It is a groundbreaking invention that changes the way we look at digital learning. It shows that technology can be exciting, while teaching us something important.

It helps children have fun while they learn. Tacto: Doctor strikes a good balance between using technology to play and to learn. It helps develop children's knowledge and curiosity in a positive way.

Unlike ordinary games and toys, Tacto: Doctor takes learning to a new level. It is similar to the Erasmus+ project, which helps teachers teach STEM subjects alongside robotics to children.

By including both art and science in learning, Tacto: Doctor increases children's creative thinking skills. It improves how children learn and understand the possibilities of both art and science.

Introducing technology into classrooms can be difficult due to various challenges. For example, it requires more training for teachers and better access to resources. But PlayShifu's product offers hope. Tacto: Doctor shows what technology can do for teaching. It shows how games can make learning exciting and develop children's interest in a positive way.

What age group is Shifu Tacto: Doctor suitable for?
This game is perfect for children between 4 and 8 years old. It helps with cognitive development.
The game is challenging but suits this age well.

What devices is Shifu Tacto: Doctor compatible with?
It works with iOS devices, Android tablets and the Amazon Fire tablets. That makes it fit into many homes.

How does Shifu Tacto: Doctor contribute to children's emotional development?
By playing this game, children learn about emotions. It makes them better at understanding others.
The game strengthens their empathy and emotional health.

Can Shifu Tacto: Doctor make children's real doctor's visits less stressful?
Yes, it certainly can. Played knowledge about medicine makes children feel safe with the doctor.
They know what to expect and are less afraid.

How many games and levels are there in Shifu Tacto: Doctor?
There are three games and more than a hundred levels. It is fun and teaches children to solve problems.
Children can play and learn for hours with this game.

What physical components are included in the Shifu Tacto: Doctor package?
You get four frames and twelve figures. It includes things like stethoscopes and X-rays.
It makes the game feel real and more fun.


About PlayShifu

PlayShifu is a company that creates educational STEM toys and games for kids that aim to make screen time more meaningful. It was founded in 2016 by two friends and fathers who wanted to build toys to facilitate empathetic learning for young children. Their products include Orboot, an augmented reality globe; Plugo, a screen-free coding game; and Tacto, an interactive chessboard. PlayShifu has won numerous awards for its innovative educational toys. The company strives to inspire children's curiosity and create engaging play experiences that develop core STEM and life skills. With its unique physical and digital approach, PlayShifu bridges the gap between digital play and hands-on learning. The products aim to get kids learning actively and screen-free whenever possible. PlayShifu's goal is to help nurture problem-solving, critical thinking, and other vital skills in children through purposeful play.