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Shifu Tacto: Coding - Play tactile games and learn to code

PlayShifu presents Shifu Tacto: Coding - an engaging tactile game that teaches coding. Specially designed for children aged 4 and above by coder-parents, this educational toy transforms your tablet into a dynamic game board where learning and fun intertwine. The game comes bundled with a free Tacto application that pumps up the fun quotient with 200+ levels and three games, available in 8 languages including Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.

  • Engrossing single-player coding toy with 200+ levels and three games
  • Designed by coder-parents for children aged 4+
  • Enhances problem-solving and logical reasoning skills
  • Hands-on visual learning of coding basics like input-output, loops, sequences, and selections
  • It comes with free Tacto application and supports 8 languages

Single-Player Coding Toy
Delve into an exciting learning journey with Shifu Tacto: Coding, a single-player toy that offers more than 200 levels across three gripping games. Designed to engage kids for hours, this toy is sure to keep your little one's curiosity piqued.

Coder-Parents Design
Tapping into their experience and understanding of children, our coder-parents have designed the Shifu Tacto: Coding. This toy ensures kids aged 4+ can easily grasp coding elements while having a joyous time.

Enhances Problem-Solving and Logical Reasoning Skills
As kids manoeuvre their way through each level, their problem-solving and logical reasoning skills get honed. Adventure-fueled gaming sessions serve as brain workouts, invigorating their analytical thinking capabilities.

Hands-on Visual Learning
The toy advocates learning by doing, rendering abstract coding concepts visually appealing. By letting children physically interact with coding parameters like loops, sequences, and input-output, their comprehension and retention rates are assuredly higher.

Free Tacto Application
The toy comes with a free Tacto application that adds layer of delight and learning to each game session. Available in 8 languages, including Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. The app ensures kids across different linguistic backgrounds can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Supported Nordic Languages: Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

The Package Includes

  • Rotate figure
  • Slide figure
  • Functions figure
  • Draw figure
  • Two anti-slip frames

Product specifications

  • iOS compatibility: iOS 11 & above (iPad 2 & iPad Mini 1 not supported)
  • Android compatibility: Android OS 6 & above requires minimum 1GB RAM (Samsung Tab A not supported)
  • Amazon Fire compatibility: Fire HD 8 - 2018, 2020, Fire HD 10 - 2019 (Fire 7 not supported)
  • Suitable for tablets measuring 7 inches and above

About PlayShifu

PlayShifu is a company that creates educational STEM toys and games for kids that aim to make screen time more meaningful. It was founded in 2016 by two friends and fathers who wanted to build toys to facilitate empathetic learning for young children. Their products include Orboot, an augmented reality globe; Plugo, a screen-free coding game; and Tacto, an interactive chessboard. PlayShifu has won numerous awards for its innovative educational toys. The company strives to inspire children's curiosity and create engaging play experiences that develop core STEM and life skills. With its unique physical and digital approach, PlayShifu bridges the gap between digital play and hands-on learning. The products aim to get kids learning actively and screen-free whenever possible. PlayShifu's goal is to help nurture problem-solving, critical thinking, and other vital skills in children through purposeful play.