Unlock the World with Shifu Orboot: The Ultimate AR Globe for Kids

Feb 17, 2024

In today's digital age, finding innovative and engaging ways to educate children is more important than ever. Enter the Shifu Orboot: Earth - an Augmented Reality (AR) Globe that is revolutionizing the way kids learn about geography, cultures, and the environment. This immersive learning tool from PlayShifu not only makes education fun but also fosters a deep curiosity about the world.

Interactive Learning at Its Best
Shifu Orboot is not your ordinary globe. It's an interactive experience that brings the world to life through the magic of augmented reality. Children can explore different countries, discover diverse cultures, encounter wildlife, and much more. It's a hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning adventure that sparks curiosity and wonder about our planet.

A New Dimension of Geography
Gone are the days of memorizing maps and capitals. Shifu Orboot transforms geography into an engaging, interactive experience. Born from a successful Kickstarter campaign, this AR educational globe allows children to explore our Earth in a way that's never been possible before. Through visual storytelling, music, voice interactions, and in-app quizzes, learning becomes an adventure.

Multilingual Support for Global Learners
Understanding the importance of accessibility in education, the PlayShifu Orboot app supports eight different languages, including Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. This multilingual support ensures that children from various linguistic backgrounds can enjoy and benefit from this innovative learning tool without barriers.

Explore, Learn, and Grow
With Shifu Orboot, children can travel the world from the comfort of their home. They can explore over 400 wonders in 3D and learn over 1000 fascinating facts about our world. From diverse cultures and cuisines to monuments and animals, the globe offers a comprehensive learning experience that promotes personal growth and development in geography, environmental science, social science, and more.

In conclusion, the Shifu Orboot AR Globe is more than just an educational toy; it's a gateway to the world, offering a unique, immersive learning experience that prepares children for a globalized future. It's an investment in your child's education, curiosity, and personal growth.

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About PlayShifu

PlayShifu is a company that creates educational STEM toys and games for kids that aim to make screen time more meaningful. It was founded in 2016 by two friends and fathers who wanted to build toys to facilitate empathetic learning for young children. Their products include Orboot, an augmented reality globe; Plugo, a screen-free coding game; and Tacto, an interactive chessboard. PlayShifu has won numerous awards for its innovative educational toys. The company strives to inspire children's curiosity and create engaging play experiences that develop core STEM and life skills. With its unique physical and digital approach, PlayShifu bridges the gap between digital play and hands-on learning. The products aim to get kids learning actively and screen-free whenever possible. PlayShifu's goal is to help nurture problem-solving, critical thinking, and other vital skills in children through purposeful play.