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Shifu Plugo: Tunes - Learn to play popular songs, and compose music.

Unlock the magic of music with PlayShifu's innovative product - Shifu Plugo: Tunes. This revolutionary AR-powered gaming system provides a fun-filled approach to teaching your child music, enhancing their creativity and persistence. The user-friendly gamepad and interchangeable gaming kits offer an immersive learning experience that will help your child master music notes, play popular songs, and compose their masterpieces.

  • Immersive AR-Powered Gaming System
  • Innovative Waterfall Technique
  • Rich Content with 50+ Popular Songs
  • Skill-Enhancing Gaming Experience
  • Multilingual Support

Immersive AR-Powered Gaming System
Step into the future of interactive learning with the AR-powered gaming system. The Plugo: Tunes transforms your device into a dynamic learning tool, immersing your child in a virtual world of music and creativity.

Innovative Waterfall Technique
Not just any ordinary educational toy, Shifu Plugo: Tunes uses the innovative Waterfall Technique. This unique method introduces and reinforces music concepts in a manner that is easy to grasp, paving the way for a smooth transition to a real-world keyboard.

Rich Content with 50+ Popular Songs
Keep your child productively entertained with over 50 popular songs. Each composition offers a different level of challenge to captivate and hold your child's interest, making music practice a fun and enjoyable pastime.

Skill-Enhancing Gaming Experience
Beyond fun, the Plugo: Tunes triggers multiple cognitive improvement areas. As your child navigates through each game, they will develop engineering, analytical thinking, and creative design skills.

Multilingual Support
Let language not be a barrier to your child's music education. With support for eight languages, including Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish, the Plugo: Tunes caters to a vast learner array worldwide.

Supported Nordic Languages: Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

Package Includes

  • Keyboard (*The keyboard doesn’t produce any sound. The music plays in the Plugo app on your device)
  • 3 Musical Pops (Wind, String & Percussion)
  • 1 Gamepad
  • Quick Start Guide

Product Specifications

  • STEM/STEAM compatible learning tool
  • Supports eight languages
  • Uses innovative waterfall technique
  • Offers over 50 popular songs to play and learn
  • Encourages the development of musical intelligence, creativity, and persistence.
  • For ages 5-10.

"Skills: engineering, analytical thinking, creative designThe physical-virtual play is not only a lot of fun but highly educational for youngsters" - Forbes

"Clever because of simple engineering, play in front of the camera with various toys that the game (app) recognises." - Mirror


About PlayShifu

PlayShifu is a company that creates educational STEM toys and games for kids that aim to make screen time more meaningful. It was founded in 2016 by two friends and fathers who wanted to build toys to facilitate empathetic learning for young children. Their products include Orboot, an augmented reality globe; Plugo, a screen-free coding game; and Tacto, an interactive chessboard. PlayShifu has won numerous awards for its innovative educational toys. The company strives to inspire children's curiosity and create engaging play experiences that develop core STEM and life skills. With its unique physical and digital approach, PlayShifu bridges the gap between digital play and hands-on learning. The products aim to get kids learning actively and screen-free whenever possible. PlayShifu's goal is to help nurture problem-solving, critical thinking, and other vital skills in children through purposeful play.